Welcome to Ilihan beach resort

Ilihan Beach Resort is an ideal private getaway and a great place to experience nature's most pleasant and placable features. It is gifted with a pristine shoreline, a rich marine life worth exploring whether high tide or low, a cove carved by the sea for thousands of years and glorious hills at the backdrop of this stunning beach.

The resort's amenities are built around the structure of the island. All of our amenities perpetuate a sense of harmony with nature and is keen on maintaining its simplicity. Whether you choose to relax at the beachfront gazebos while pensively watching the crashing waves or the calmness of the sea, you can also get in to energetic activities like volleyball at the resort's wide playground, there are many ways to enjoy your time at our beautiful resort.

The stories behind Ilihan

Ilihan is located at the north western part of Samal island and is a small village included in the Babak district. This location is historically a port where barter economy used to thrive. One speculation of the origin of its name is from a native word known as hulihan which supposedly means "end part". On the other hand, across Mindanao the word ilihan is used to refer to the seashore nestled at the bottom of a hill. Thus, some are led to believe the latter interpretation of the name because the area where the resort is located is precisely described in that manner.

The 10 hectare resort used to be a private beach belonging to the family of the proprietor. Finally, the time came when the family decided to open the beach to the public to advocate tourism in the Island Garden city of Samal. Tourism means jobs for the island, in fact, many of the personnel of Ilihan beach resort are locals empowered by the opportunity of livelihood. Naturally, the resort becomes a place where the famed warmth and hospitality of Samal island is truly felt.

Apart from experiencing the authenticity and charm of its local community, there is no denying that with the reassuring beauty of the place, you too can have your own stories to tell about Ilihan.

So take a day tour or spend the night at the beach - it is entirely up to you. And, allow us to give you a marvelous experience you would never want to miss!

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Ilihan Beach Resort Brgy Camudmud, babak District Island Garden City of Samal